Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh BOY!!!!!!!

 A couple weekends ago I took a quick weekend trip to Richmond, Va for one of my best friend Laurie's baby shower!!  That little Nugget is due in May and I can't wait to meet him!!!!!!
I flew into D.C. from Buffalo and Natalie and Tenley came to pick me up!  We stopped for lunch at Ford's Fish Shack and I had some AWESOMEEEEE  shraaamp Tacos.
After our Fab schmab lunch we headed over to Bella Ballerina Natalie's awesome dance studio to check it out, and for  Miss Tenley to show me some pretty sweet dance moves.

 I would normally show this awesome display of choreographed movement, but my computer is being a jerk and not letting me upload it!  So after all that fun and excitement, we headed down to Richmond through the DC traffic and pouring tsunami to reach our destination.  That night we had some dinner and relaxed because the next day was MUSTACHE BABY SHOWER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     We headed over to Jenny's house and got our party on!!  Jenny did such an awesome job at the decorations and theme!  The food was fantastic! Buzz and Ned's (a Richmond Staple if you ask me), Chick-fil-a, (an anywhere I can get my hands on it staple) individual taco dip, amazing cup cakes and even a mashed potato bar!  AMAZING!!!

It was a pretty AWESOME weekend with friends and celebrating!!!  Now bring on that BABY for squeezing!!!!!!!!!