Monday, October 29, 2012


Well I have finally got a cool phone that I can post from!!!! Woooot! Just posting so you know I'm still around. We are just riding out the storm here watching tv and relaxing :) it's weird because we usually lose power and signal for our dish,but we haven't yet. We decided that it would be easy to just make shone chili for dinner and some really tasty French dip rolls I saw on Pinterest. It was pretty god. Well I'm off to work on some homework.

Monday, August 6, 2012

get ready

I was toying with telling you guys( myself at a later date cuz no one reads this) but I went to the fair today and they had a barn with a section that was called dressed up cucumbers.  So this means that cute kids, and maybe not cute kids decorated a cucumber to be judged at a fair.  To get a ribbon.  How do I get in on this??  Ill post a few pics tomorrow.  Trust me, its kinda amazeballs.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Sometimes I don't post to this blog since March.  Dudes for realz???  March??? The sad thing is not much has really happened since then.  I've kinda been in a life slump.  I got laid off from my job in April, finished my semester of school in May.  I have been poor and unemployed since.  Now I am very much looking forward to my LAST semester of school starting on Aug 26th ish.   I am enjoying planning my wedding and dying to lose a few pounds.  What an interesting journey this will be.  Till laters taters~


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh BOY!!!!!!!

 A couple weekends ago I took a quick weekend trip to Richmond, Va for one of my best friend Laurie's baby shower!!  That little Nugget is due in May and I can't wait to meet him!!!!!!
I flew into D.C. from Buffalo and Natalie and Tenley came to pick me up!  We stopped for lunch at Ford's Fish Shack and I had some AWESOMEEEEE  shraaamp Tacos.
After our Fab schmab lunch we headed over to Bella Ballerina Natalie's awesome dance studio to check it out, and for  Miss Tenley to show me some pretty sweet dance moves.

 I would normally show this awesome display of choreographed movement, but my computer is being a jerk and not letting me upload it!  So after all that fun and excitement, we headed down to Richmond through the DC traffic and pouring tsunami to reach our destination.  That night we had some dinner and relaxed because the next day was MUSTACHE BABY SHOWER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     We headed over to Jenny's house and got our party on!!  Jenny did such an awesome job at the decorations and theme!  The food was fantastic! Buzz and Ned's (a Richmond Staple if you ask me), Chick-fil-a, (an anywhere I can get my hands on it staple) individual taco dip, amazing cup cakes and even a mashed potato bar!  AMAZING!!!

It was a pretty AWESOME weekend with friends and celebrating!!!  Now bring on that BABY for squeezing!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


                                         This was my Original Dinner Plan

                                                 Then this happened....

                                                          Which did this....

     So I'm going to be overly dramatic and  try to get sympathy from the other half. 

Monday, January 9, 2012


Its safe to say that I like things with birds on them. But in real life, I hate birds. Gross nasty birds. I have a current obsession with owls, just like the other 89452034956203652 people in the word that like them too. So on this boring monday night here is a  couple funny videos about birds.

That is all.

Boring I know, but that how I roll today lazy and boring. In fact, I was so lazy I cant gaurante that I put a bra on. And I left the house. So put that in your back pocket.

OK, Videos




Sunday, January 1, 2012

What a Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Have been really bad about blogging.  Not that It really matters to anyone other than me and my Mighty 8.  Mighty 8 is what I just made up  call my 8 followers. They are pretty much made up of friends who blog and know how awesome it feels to see the number of followers go up, and friends who don't want to hear me complain about no one following me.  They'd be like..."What do you mean you don't have followers?" and Id be like, "I don't". Then again they'd be like," but you have me and 7 others, that's totally a big following." Then id feel better and be all, I should quit my job and become a professional blogger. Then they'd be all," umm you only have 8 followers and blog once a month so please dont." I wouldnt become a professional blogger, but I would feel better, and I still wouldn't use proper grammar and punctuation.  Anyway, I guess like all the other bloggers I should recap my year.  This has been a pretty great year, lets start at the beginning.
 In April we moved into our first place together. We love it so much!!! So does Budee, he likes the massive yard and staring out the front window ready to bark at any intruders, or brids, or leaves.  He pretty much just likes barking.
           For the spring we did our usual, we worked and worked.  I continued going to school changing my major and working my butt off.  We took some fun trips to Charles Town to see the Perkins family and to Richmond to see Laurie, Jenny and Kenny. 
           Not much really happened in the spring. We did alot of grilling and then some more grilling. Chad perfected his steak-ing and we had an awesome time having our own place.
           In the summer Alecia came up to visit and we had a 4th of July party. Our first party at the house.  It was really fun and I cant wait till next year!!
           We celebrated Birthdays, new babies and different milestones.  I was working at Waldenbooks in the mall a job that I loved and people I LOVED working with, and then we found out the store was closing :( That made the summer and fall a little stressful and stinky.  I got a new part time job that I enjoy and that works awesome with my school schedule!  Laurie come to visit in August which was BOMB!  We love having people come visit us.
            Next in October we got our new puppy Ellee.  Oh lord.  She is a wild wild woman but shes pretty awesome.  Well shes getting a little awesomish (yeah that's a word so shut it).  When people asked me how I

liked my new puppy, my reaction was that she was a jerk and I didn't care much for her. Its true. I think im the only person in the world who doesn't care for puppies other than playing with them in the pet store.  But I have to admit she is getting better, shes less bitey and a little more snugly. I like the snugs. Im a snug- a- holic. 

To end the awesome year, Chad and I got engaged!!!  He asked me on Christmas Eve, at his sisters in front of everyone. :)  So yay for that. To all my family that is upset that you found out on facebook, I'm so sorry, my phone was dead and I cant use my cell at my house because I don't have service. I also have a house phone with no long distance. So I love you all and im sorry I couldn't call you individually!!!!  SO that's my recap of this awesome year. Next year we have so much to look forward to.  Baby showers, bridal showers, Weddings, new babies, first birthdays, my last year of school more parties and more fun!!  So cheers to an awesome 2011 and an even better 2012!!!