Monday, August 6, 2012

get ready

I was toying with telling you guys( myself at a later date cuz no one reads this) but I went to the fair today and they had a barn with a section that was called dressed up cucumbers.  So this means that cute kids, and maybe not cute kids decorated a cucumber to be judged at a fair.  To get a ribbon.  How do I get in on this??  Ill post a few pics tomorrow.  Trust me, its kinda amazeballs.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Sometimes I don't post to this blog since March.  Dudes for realz???  March??? The sad thing is not much has really happened since then.  I've kinda been in a life slump.  I got laid off from my job in April, finished my semester of school in May.  I have been poor and unemployed since.  Now I am very much looking forward to my LAST semester of school starting on Aug 26th ish.   I am enjoying planning my wedding and dying to lose a few pounds.  What an interesting journey this will be.  Till laters taters~