Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

A week or so ago Sherry at Young House Love and Katie at Bower Power (read both of their blogs, they are AWESOME!!!)  Challenged readers to a Pinterest Challenge.  You had to make something you saw on pinterest and post about it.  Im kinda addicted to Pinterest, a little, ok a ton.  Stop judging. I have mostly made food from here not really crafts yet. But I saw this and thought it would be good. So here is my attempt at the taco ring.  The only thing I wish I had was some lettuce and sour cream. Other than that It tasted good and was really easy to make.
Basically you just take 2 packages of croissant rolls and put them in a circle with the points out like a sun. Make the ground beef with onions and green peppers as you would when you make regular taco meat and mix in the seasoning. Then you spoon the meat mixture on the thick inner part of the circle. I then scooped diced tomatos and cheese on top. You can really add anything you want to it. Then you fold the points down over the meat mixture.
After that just follow the directions on the back of the dough package, and then eat it!!! Its good, really good.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Awesome Stuff

So today Chad and I decided while we ran errands that we would brave the new T.J.Maxx in town.  Wasn't as bad as I thought I was. While we were walking through I saw this little love.
Here is the website if you want to check it out.  Now I know that I don't have kids or a stroller, but I had seen something similar on pinterest.  BTW if you aren't on pinterest, message me and I will send you an Invite. It is my current obsession.  Anyway I used this today when we were grocery shopping. I used it to hang my purse on the handle of the cart, so I have more room in the cart. My purse is kinda big.  OK like really big. But I also used it to lug in all of my grocery bags at once. It is much less painful to carry all the bags and hold on to this than get your circulation cut up by handles.  All in all I give it a 8. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Im am TOO!!!!!!!!!!

So my mom always says,"Molly I know you want to be crafty, but we arent the people who make the crafts. We are the people who BUY them." Well this little non crafter is poor right now, so I have to learn to make the crafts or I wont have cute stuff! So now that I have a job that gives me weekends off, Im looking for cute crafting ideas. Like this ....
or perhaps this....
yes I think that this is totally something I can do!!!!!  We will see.  I am excited that this weekend I will make my Maiden Voyage to the Hobby Lobby, my heart is happy!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh hey Fall....

So sometimes I don't post anything in almost a month. Shocker I know. August was a little bit of a whirlwind for me. School started, I lost my job and got a new one. My awesome Waldenbooks store which was owned by Borders closed. Stupid borders. So Now I am working at a new job. So far, so good. I just cant wait to be done with school and finally have a job in my field. Cant wait. So today I started trying to get things ready for fall. Its getting cold. Cold means that we need to start eating soup and clean up the house. A good fall cleaning if you will. SO today I made some crock pot baked Potato soup.

This is something that I found on Pinterest.  The recipe was from here.    So easy to make, the hardest part was opening the cans of chicken broth because I have a crap can opener.   Then I decided that the pantry needed a little organization and sprucing up.  I'm going to need to take inventory of the things I need because when the snow gets here, there's no going back out once I get home.  Its too scary in the country.

See. Pretty and organized. Which I'm very sure will not stay that way for long. Also in preparation of this lovely fall, I have a load of all our fleece blankets in the wash and I am burning my favorite apple crumble candle from Bath and Body. Chad and I are slightly obsessed with this smell. We have candles, wallflowers, burning oil and spray. Yeah...weeeeiiird I know. Stop judging.

So that is all the wonderful and exciting things that are going on in our house today. Yeah I know. You don't need to say it. Too awesome.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soo Flippin Sweet!!!

So to continue with my amazing 4th of July week, I will now discuss the awesome project that Alecia and I completed!  First I was so very excited when she had suggested that she would pack this awesome record stand that had been in her family in her car, and drive it up with her so we could paint it. I LOVE that idea!!!   So that is what she did!!!  
Oh hey, how you doing awesome stand?  You ready to get the crap painted out of you? Well first we must prime with a stain blocker.
Because the piece was older and dark we primed it twice.  The hardest part was the innards because of the dividers, and the pretty squiggle work on the side. (Thats professional furniture speak, just in case you were wondering!) It was wayyyyy easier to use a little paint brush to get the squigs.
We then took this paint and painted our little hearts out. Well They painted their little hearts out, I was working.

(Since it has taken me about a couple weeks to write this post I have some DIY update.  Alecia has since then taken the stnd home and had a really hard time covering the stain that pops through. She also has added some fantastic little knobs!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Three posts in 3 days?! Has this girl gone nuts!!????

Kinda...I've kinda gone nuts.  I have had a very stressful few days, and I think this blog helps me releive that stress.  So I will continue to talk about my wonderful fun 4th of july week.  One day Alecia and I decided that it would be fun to go to Elicotteville, NY for a little shopping and eating. The first thing we did was eat at this little restraunt called the Kabob Kafe. ( See how they did that with the double K?  Love it)

I had looked on the website for food in the city since I havent been there very much, and ran across this amazing looking little place. I am always craving something different to eat, since the only places here are Applebees, Ruby Tuesday and Red Lobster. I also crave a little funky. I cant help it. So We went in and sat at a cute little table for two. Drank water and relaxed. I had ordered the  Chicken tikka  wrap which was Re-DONK -ulously good. Wrapped in a hot pita.  And not like a lame pita, but a puffy, chewy warm lovely pita.  With onions, lettuce, feta, and tatziki sauce. They also gave you a lovely side of french Fries.  Their ranch dressing was good too.  I always judge places by their ranch. Its a fact , if you have bad ranch, your food kinda blows too.  Just sayin.

Alecia had this amazing Coconut Shrimp wrap with a honey yogurt sause.  I didnt take a picture of that because I was too busy shoving my face enjoying my Pita.  But is was good.  Trust me , I share bites.  Then we went to this gift shop called Kazoo II.  Not sure if there is a Kazoo 1 but either way, it was fun.  I picked up these 2 cute things both for under 10 bucks.

  Gotta love the sale room.  Alecia got a beautiful vase thing and a cute wooden painted plaque.  Again still thinking about how grand my food was I didnt get a pic of her cute purchases.  The vase goes with this lovely little furnature painting project we did over the week.  But more about that tomorrow.  I know ANOTHER post...I told you, Im nuts.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday :)

My Sweet Chad,
      Today is your birthday.  How can I put into words what an amazing, wonderful sweet guy you are, and how today is truly a day to celebrate you.  I  feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be in your life.  That God sure knows what he's doing.   You are my other half, the Fred to my Wilma, the Homer to my Marge and although you will have no idea what this means, the Justin to my Selena.( Trust me, its a good thing)
        I know that starting my life with you means a lot of different things.  I know this means that I need to start putting away my clean laundry. This also means I need to start doing my laundry.  I need to make sure to only use my razor.  Even though, they do look alike, so you cant really blame me.  Clean dishes don't put themselves away?  Noted! I have a lot to learn and I appreciate your patience.   

           You are my partner in crime, my other half.  There are times when you make me want to pull out my hair, and times when you make me pee my pants laughing.  You are silly and sweet , kind and thoughtful.  You make me love being able to love.   I love the way I feel about you, and  the way I ache for you.  Those are the things that make you the love of my life. So here's to another wonderful year together.  I cant wait to look back this same time next year and see all the things we have accomplished and done. GO US!  So Cheers to you my bubski, to a happy birthday and a wonderful year full of laughs, learning and love.  Im also gonna throw in this pic, just so the world can see the stud muffin you are.

Love to you always,



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And what a 4th it was!!!

In case you were sitting back and wondering, "What the heck did that Molly do for 4th of July?" (I know you were) I had such a fantastic week!!  First Chad and I had our First party at the new house.  I was of course totally freaking out  cool as a cucumber. Not only was it our first party at the house, the first party I have ever really thrown, but it was also the first time our family's have ever met.  Yeah kinda scary. I am glad to report that the rents got along quite nice. 
(Nothing funnier than a kid with a flag on his head if you ask me!)   So since you are begging for all the details of the party I will tell you.  We did your standards for food.  Hot Dogs, Potato salad, macaroni salad, beans, taco salad, fruit salad, the list goes on and on and it was all soooo tasty!!!.  I did do a little something different that was a hit. We had about 11 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast, so we cubed it up and marinated it in 3 different marinades.  If anyone wonders, people like little things..... and choices.  I probably could have saved a ton of money doing all different kinds of chicken.   Also My friend Alecia's sister Becca made the best cupcakes.  They are mini cupcakes put into a cute pot, made to look like a pot of mums. Stop it right now!!!!  
I also would like to give a shout out to my Dad for his amazing "corn hole skillz" Holla!!! It was his first time playing and got 3 holes in a row. That Joe, what a guy!!!! That just about wraps up our 4th of July, but dont worry there are more fun things to come!!Thank you to all of our wonderful friends and family that helped make our first house party such a great time!! We lurves you all!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yum and Yum

          So My friend Ashley and I had a baking extravaganza a few days ago.  We made, (drum roll please) no bakes, chocolate chip banana bread, chocolate chippers and a raspberry lemon-aid cake.  I have decided to show you my fab pics from the lemon-aid cake, cuz this was my first attempt at a layer cake.   So first I baked the two round cakes with a white cake mix.  I added pink lemon aid into the cake batter.

Next ,  I made a quick easy batch of homemade vanilla butter cream frosting and folded whip cream into it (yeah this is where the yum and yum part comes in.)  I Then put a big dollop of the good stuff on top of the first layer of the cake and topped with with fresh raspberries.

Then I put the top layer on.  It looks a little funny because I put the flat part of the top cake on the top of the bottom.  So my cake looked funny, thankfully Ash helped me flip it so my frosting would be smoother and my cake would be not funky!  What would I do without that girl?  (Shes the Selena Gomez to my Justin Beiber)

Then BAM!  Perfecto!! May I also add quite tasty.  I def have not had 3 pieces or many more. Don't judge.

Feel free to look at my classy kitchen, the Wal*mart brand fake bacon bits in the back really are the bees knees.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still here!

Wow.  I'm actually not so surprised that I haven't posted anything on here in a while.  I realize that I get all excited about blogging, then go away.  Well I'm back and will be blogging a lot more.  Not that my  4 followers care all that much. I will be interesting to go back someday and look at all these posts from our new life. :)  So a couple weeks ago I started decorating the boring living room walls.  I hate having bare walls in a house, I think it makes it cold and yuckers.   I am trying to do everything I can to use the things we have around the house for decorating and save up our money for I dunno ...paying bills? So I started with this shelf that Chads mom gave us.

It is a cute brown shelf, but a little more "country" than my style is. So nothing like a little black spray paint and ta da!!!!

Yay!!! A filled wall ,and perfect for my little Japanese doll collection!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We are really excited because tomorrow we are leaving to go to Richmond, VA!!  We had to say a 5 day farewell to Lily and Bud though which made us sad. :( My parents are watching the kitty and Chad's Brother and Sister in law are watching the pup.  Im sooooo very excited to see my wonderful friends who I miss so very much!  Hope everyone has a great week and im sure I will post pictures of wonderful things soon!!

You know pictures of wonderful things no one but me cares about. Me and my mom ( Hi Mom!!!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


If that doesn't get your attention then I don't know what will.  If you live in Jamestown and like the Ecklof's Bakery Pink Stripe Cookies,  you will either get a coupon to print out, or if you have an smart phone that lets you check into places, "like" them and "check in" there then you get a free dozen cookies.  Yeah, pretty great.  Ends Thursday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cake Balls 1....Molly 0.

So I decided tonight that I would try to make some cake balls that I saw on this website.  I got carrot cake and cream cheese frosting then some white chocolate to dip them in.  I dyed the chocolate orange and crushed up walnuts.  Yeah.  They started out good.  Making the cake was easy, then adding the frosting and rolling them into little balls.  One recipe I looked at said to then freeze them for 20 minutes, the other said several hours.  Of course being ADD I wanted instant results and opted for the 20 minute freeze.  Bad idea.  The weren't cold enough and looked like I was rolling meatballs in chocolate. Not Pretty.  I suggest to anyone making these so called balls, go for the several hour freeze. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Shopping

So as I was reading my new favorite blog I ran across this awesome store and had to buy a couple of things for the new place.   Like these above.  I think tomorrow I will be inspired to make something home*made. Something sweet and perhaps...cake ball esque.  We will see.

Friday, March 11, 2011

At last, my couch has come along

Lame. Sorry. But I am so very excited that We Finally picked and ordered a couch!! We looked everywhere for it, and after a lot of sitting, thinking, imagining, and driving , we finally on this. From here.  Let me just tell you how happy we were, and how awesome we were treated when we went into this store.  I know this sounds super lame, but we really felt like we were family members who walked in to buy something.  Matt, the one who sold it to us, was nice and gave us a super awesome deal which we totally appreciated. So because of the awesome service we got, we decided to stay local.  So if you live in town and are looking for furniture, go here the prices and service are awesome!  Now I can start writing about interesting things that people care about instead of where im going to sit my ass.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today we went to an awesome place in Jamestown because I had one of those discount cards that give you a certain percent off at different restaurants. So we went to the Coffee Cup on second street. I had been there once before in high school, but since then it has been taken over by new owners. So we figured we would give it a try. I ordered the Stuffed cake. This little piece of heaven is 2 really big pancakes, stuffed with fresh raspberries. And a side of 4 pieces of perfect bacon. I am kinda a bacon fan so I jumped at that. It was great!! If you live in Jtown or come to visit...go there.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

To be a sectional, or not to be a sectional

So today Chad and I decided that we would run down to a store real quick, pick out and order the couch we liked, and be done.  Not so .  We decided to go to Big Lots because we didn't want to spend a ton on money on a couch, and saw a few sectionals we really liked.  They didn't have the one we wanted to we decided to take a ride to Warren, Pa.  More choices, less tax.  To our dismay they didn't have our beloved sectional there, but the guy offered to take 100 bucks off of another sectional because of that reason.  Well after having him hold it for tomorrows big sale, and running to get the house keys from our friend, running to get the tape measure, going to the house, forgetting the tape measure, getting a tap measure,  measuring, figuring the chais part was too long, canceling the hold, going to the big lots here, callng a buffalo store for the original couch, holding that, going to Raymour and Flanagan, not seeing anything, deciding to not hold the Buffalo couch...we were exhausted!  And we still don't have a couch.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yup...It's ours!

We are very excited that we FINALLY have our own place!!!  We are very blessed and grateful to be given an opportunity to FINALLY and I mean FNALLY be living together!  I can't wait!  We will slowly be moving in through April.  I picked this picture to show how sweet our back yard is going to be!! And how sweet our deck is and how much yard we are going to have to mow!  YAYAYAYAYAYA!!  IM really excited!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We will see.....

       So Chad and I have an amazing opportunity from a wonderful friend I work with  to rent a really cute house.  We have been struggling for a year living in two different houses, at home with our parents.  Both of our family's are amazing, wonderful people who have given us both the opportunity to live at home rent free.  Because of their awesomeness we have both been able to pay down majority , if not all of our debt.  Thanks Parents! We are ready though, to have our own place.  The problem has been that in our little town it costs more to rent a house then it would to have a mortgage.  Our plans are to NOT stay in this area, so it would be stupid to try and buy a house. But with a few prayers, some money crunching and a very giving friend, we are hopefully ready to move into our first place together. So when I get out of school today we are heading up to the house one more time to look at it during the day and make a final decision.  I'm really excited!  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Ol' College Try!

So I have decided to start blogging the exciting(or not so exciting) Life of Chad and I as we finally embark on the beginning of our life together.  I have tried blogging before, but never had very exciting things to write about and therefore, never blogged.  This probably will just stay within the close friends and family of readers.  But I am very excited to keep track of the time for us to have and look back on!  Woo hoo! Here we go!