Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still here!

Wow.  I'm actually not so surprised that I haven't posted anything on here in a while.  I realize that I get all excited about blogging, then go away.  Well I'm back and will be blogging a lot more.  Not that my  4 followers care all that much. I will be interesting to go back someday and look at all these posts from our new life. :)  So a couple weeks ago I started decorating the boring living room walls.  I hate having bare walls in a house, I think it makes it cold and yuckers.   I am trying to do everything I can to use the things we have around the house for decorating and save up our money for I dunno ...paying bills? So I started with this shelf that Chads mom gave us.

It is a cute brown shelf, but a little more "country" than my style is. So nothing like a little black spray paint and ta da!!!!

Yay!!! A filled wall ,and perfect for my little Japanese doll collection!!!

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