Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yum and Yum

          So My friend Ashley and I had a baking extravaganza a few days ago.  We made, (drum roll please) no bakes, chocolate chip banana bread, chocolate chippers and a raspberry lemon-aid cake.  I have decided to show you my fab pics from the lemon-aid cake, cuz this was my first attempt at a layer cake.   So first I baked the two round cakes with a white cake mix.  I added pink lemon aid into the cake batter.

Next ,  I made a quick easy batch of homemade vanilla butter cream frosting and folded whip cream into it (yeah this is where the yum and yum part comes in.)  I Then put a big dollop of the good stuff on top of the first layer of the cake and topped with with fresh raspberries.

Then I put the top layer on.  It looks a little funny because I put the flat part of the top cake on the top of the bottom.  So my cake looked funny, thankfully Ash helped me flip it so my frosting would be smoother and my cake would be not funky!  What would I do without that girl?  (Shes the Selena Gomez to my Justin Beiber)

Then BAM!  Perfecto!! May I also add quite tasty.  I def have not had 3 pieces or many more. Don't judge.

Feel free to look at my classy kitchen, the Wal*mart brand fake bacon bits in the back really are the bees knees.

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