Thursday, September 22, 2011

Im am TOO!!!!!!!!!!

So my mom always says,"Molly I know you want to be crafty, but we arent the people who make the crafts. We are the people who BUY them." Well this little non crafter is poor right now, so I have to learn to make the crafts or I wont have cute stuff! So now that I have a job that gives me weekends off, Im looking for cute crafting ideas. Like this ....
or perhaps this....
yes I think that this is totally something I can do!!!!!  We will see.  I am excited that this weekend I will make my Maiden Voyage to the Hobby Lobby, my heart is happy!!!!!


  1. Oh my Hobby Lobby is SO BIG! I need a nap half way through. Remember they are closed Sundays. And I'm not sure picture 1 is really a craft. You just pour candy in a dish a plop a candle in. You should make a wreath for the door.

  2. Can I just say how I'm a little sad that both of us are hobby lobby virgins and yet we aren't going there for the first time together?! Have fun!!! My suggestion for the pillow is you always cute choices of fabric and iron on stuff usually found next to the interfacing. Love you!

  3. I'm copying that little candy corn jem of an idea!