Friday, March 11, 2011

At last, my couch has come along

Lame. Sorry. But I am so very excited that We Finally picked and ordered a couch!! We looked everywhere for it, and after a lot of sitting, thinking, imagining, and driving , we finally on this. From here.  Let me just tell you how happy we were, and how awesome we were treated when we went into this store.  I know this sounds super lame, but we really felt like we were family members who walked in to buy something.  Matt, the one who sold it to us, was nice and gave us a super awesome deal which we totally appreciated. So because of the awesome service we got, we decided to stay local.  So if you live in town and are looking for furniture, go here the prices and service are awesome!  Now I can start writing about interesting things that people care about instead of where im going to sit my ass.

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