Saturday, March 5, 2011

To be a sectional, or not to be a sectional

So today Chad and I decided that we would run down to a store real quick, pick out and order the couch we liked, and be done.  Not so .  We decided to go to Big Lots because we didn't want to spend a ton on money on a couch, and saw a few sectionals we really liked.  They didn't have the one we wanted to we decided to take a ride to Warren, Pa.  More choices, less tax.  To our dismay they didn't have our beloved sectional there, but the guy offered to take 100 bucks off of another sectional because of that reason.  Well after having him hold it for tomorrows big sale, and running to get the house keys from our friend, running to get the tape measure, going to the house, forgetting the tape measure, getting a tap measure,  measuring, figuring the chais part was too long, canceling the hold, going to the big lots here, callng a buffalo store for the original couch, holding that, going to Raymour and Flanagan, not seeing anything, deciding to not hold the Buffalo couch...we were exhausted!  And we still don't have a couch.

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