Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We will see.....

       So Chad and I have an amazing opportunity from a wonderful friend I work with  to rent a really cute house.  We have been struggling for a year living in two different houses, at home with our parents.  Both of our family's are amazing, wonderful people who have given us both the opportunity to live at home rent free.  Because of their awesomeness we have both been able to pay down majority , if not all of our debt.  Thanks Parents! We are ready though, to have our own place.  The problem has been that in our little town it costs more to rent a house then it would to have a mortgage.  Our plans are to NOT stay in this area, so it would be stupid to try and buy a house. But with a few prayers, some money crunching and a very giving friend, we are hopefully ready to move into our first place together. So when I get out of school today we are heading up to the house one more time to look at it during the day and make a final decision.  I'm really excited!  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!  

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