Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday :)

My Sweet Chad,
      Today is your birthday.  How can I put into words what an amazing, wonderful sweet guy you are, and how today is truly a day to celebrate you.  I  feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be in your life.  That God sure knows what he's doing.   You are my other half, the Fred to my Wilma, the Homer to my Marge and although you will have no idea what this means, the Justin to my Selena.( Trust me, its a good thing)
        I know that starting my life with you means a lot of different things.  I know this means that I need to start putting away my clean laundry. This also means I need to start doing my laundry.  I need to make sure to only use my razor.  Even though, they do look alike, so you cant really blame me.  Clean dishes don't put themselves away?  Noted! I have a lot to learn and I appreciate your patience.   

           You are my partner in crime, my other half.  There are times when you make me want to pull out my hair, and times when you make me pee my pants laughing.  You are silly and sweet , kind and thoughtful.  You make me love being able to love.   I love the way I feel about you, and  the way I ache for you.  Those are the things that make you the love of my life. So here's to another wonderful year together.  I cant wait to look back this same time next year and see all the things we have accomplished and done. GO US!  So Cheers to you my bubski, to a happy birthday and a wonderful year full of laughs, learning and love.  Im also gonna throw in this pic, just so the world can see the stud muffin you are.

Love to you always,



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  1. does he know you put that picture on there??