Friday, July 15, 2011

Three posts in 3 days?! Has this girl gone nuts!!????

Kinda...I've kinda gone nuts.  I have had a very stressful few days, and I think this blog helps me releive that stress.  So I will continue to talk about my wonderful fun 4th of july week.  One day Alecia and I decided that it would be fun to go to Elicotteville, NY for a little shopping and eating. The first thing we did was eat at this little restraunt called the Kabob Kafe. ( See how they did that with the double K?  Love it)

I had looked on the website for food in the city since I havent been there very much, and ran across this amazing looking little place. I am always craving something different to eat, since the only places here are Applebees, Ruby Tuesday and Red Lobster. I also crave a little funky. I cant help it. So We went in and sat at a cute little table for two. Drank water and relaxed. I had ordered the  Chicken tikka  wrap which was Re-DONK -ulously good. Wrapped in a hot pita.  And not like a lame pita, but a puffy, chewy warm lovely pita.  With onions, lettuce, feta, and tatziki sauce. They also gave you a lovely side of french Fries.  Their ranch dressing was good too.  I always judge places by their ranch. Its a fact , if you have bad ranch, your food kinda blows too.  Just sayin.

Alecia had this amazing Coconut Shrimp wrap with a honey yogurt sause.  I didnt take a picture of that because I was too busy shoving my face enjoying my Pita.  But is was good.  Trust me , I share bites.  Then we went to this gift shop called Kazoo II.  Not sure if there is a Kazoo 1 but either way, it was fun.  I picked up these 2 cute things both for under 10 bucks.

  Gotta love the sale room.  Alecia got a beautiful vase thing and a cute wooden painted plaque.  Again still thinking about how grand my food was I didnt get a pic of her cute purchases.  The vase goes with this lovely little furnature painting project we did over the week.  But more about that tomorrow.  I know ANOTHER post...I told you, Im nuts.

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